Plaže i restorani u Staroj Novaji

Beaches and restaurants, Stara Novalja

Novalja has some great restaurants, rich cuisine and many beaches, for it was a pleasant stay here, and guests return year after year in order to spend another summer to remember.   Through pictures and text we try to acquaint you with just a taste of that you can see and experience. Beaches are the most interesting - I really can not find something for everyone. From the beach for children, in a secluded beach to beach with Internet cafes and interesting beaches rich sporting activities.

Restaurants in Stara Novalja

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Drljanda 1 km away from Stara Novalja has a large parking

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Trinćel-Planjka - beach & cafe 3km away

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Uljak Beach Internet cafe udeljen 200 m

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Canyon Beach

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Beach Caska

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Beach Zrce

Zrce is the most famous and most attractive beaches in Novalja - has a blue flag (clear water, toilets and lifeguard, showers ...)

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Ski Lift

Beach full of adrenaline and sportsmanship. Has its own parking place!

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Beach Strasko

Beach Straško and the campsite is located south of Novalja and debt is about 1.5 km, something rockier. Since 2004. has a blue flag (clean sea and beaches, showers, toilets and lifeguard ...)

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